[Governor’s Secret Love] EP01 | Falls in Love with Enemy’s Daughter | Deng Kai/Jin Zixuan | YOUKU

[Governor’s Secret Love] EP01 | Falls in Love with Enemy’s Daughter | Deng Kai/Jin Zixuan | YOUKU
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[Governor’s Secret Love 君心藏不住] Governor Murong Cang originally intended to cultivate Yun Jiao, the daughter of his enemy, as a means to deal with his foes. However, as they spend time together, he can’t help but fall in love with her, leading to a struggle between love and hate.

★Starring: Deng Kai/Jin Zixuan/Wu Yalu/Liu Xiyang/Han Shuaiqi/Wei Lantian/Sui Mingyang/Ming Yue

[Governor’s Secret Love] EP01 | Falls in Love with Enemy’s Daughter | Deng Kai/Jin Zixuan | YOUKU

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