Understanding the Major Arcana Tarot Cards

Understanding the Major Arcana Tarot Cards
Learn the Major Arcana meanings for the most important tarot cards in your deck.

Although the Major Arcana tarot cards have standard meanings for each card, both the designer of your tarot deck and you, the reader, may interpret them in any way you wish. This gives the tarot a lot of flexibility – as well as a lot of room for confusion!

To make learning these cards even easier, pause this video right now and download the free PDF Tarot Cheat Sheet available from my website, right here: https://thesimpletarot.com/cheat. It has the tarot keywords and tarot card meanings for all 78 of the cards on a single page, and is SUPER useful when you’re learning and reading the cards.
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The (totally free!) PDF printable Tarot Cheat Sheet
▶︎ https://thesimpletarot.com/cheat

THE SIMPLE TAROT DECK: https://thesimpletarot.com/tarot-deck

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